About US


SSHCLOUD offers professional hosting solutions for all your needs - whether for business or private applications, for Internet beginners or experts with top web hosting requirements. We bring our customers online: Our product range includes classic web hosting solutions at discount prices. We provide dedicated servers (root server), virtual private machines, webspace, and colocation services with high performance, high reliability, in any imaginable variety and size. And, on top of that, free customer support 365 days a year. All servers and webspace packages at SSHCLOUD are equipped with a free of charge  DDoS protection.

How did we manage this?

When we started planning our company we agreed on three basic principles which focused on our customers and that have been applied consistently and uncompromisingly to this very day:


Our goal is to provide an attractive webspace package and cutting-edge servers at an attractive price and creative approach. We drew parallels with well-known discount chains which prove on a day-to-day basis that a high-quality product could be delivered on the market at a reasonable price when logistics and manpower are optimized. We have adopted the same business model on our whole product range and services at SSHCLOUD. The very best service at the very best price – and we will strive continuously to improve on both.


Here, too, we took our inspiration from daily life to see that there are major differences in doing business on the Internet. The idea of buying clothes without seeking advice from the shop assistant has become inconceivable for most people nowadays.
So, why shouldn't this also apply when you make purchases on the Internet?
We have provided several avenues of communication for our customers and visitors to contact us as quickly and efficiently as possible – without them having to pay a single cent for expensive hotlines or premium memberships.


Unfortunately, this principle is practiced less than preached nowadays. It's a great shame, because after all we and other companies exist solely because of you, our customers. It is the customer's right after all, to receive good service and friendly support – insist on it! The customer is always king with us - you alone are the center of attention.

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